About Us

About us

Since 2011...

Terra restaurant opened its doors in 2011 and is a product of two restaurant industry professionals - Andrea and David. The pair often found themselves leading the charge at different restaurants and hotels in utilizing local ingredients in their menus. This led them to develop a strong background working with local farmers and organizations, and eventually open a restaurant that served local dishes.

Thompson Nicola Region

David wondered how he could showcase the local bounty of the Thompson Nicola Region. The results of his efforts is Terra Restaurant, and with the idea to change the menu every month, and the cocktails 3 or 4 times a year, it is a new restaurant experience for customers almost every visit.
A plate of cheese, brea, pecans, and grapes

Grilled seafood and vegetables
Stir fried vegetables in green sauce
Plate of pastry dessert
Plate of chocolate dessert with fruit

Favourite of locals and visitors alike

Terra Restaurant has experienced 3 years of steady growth thanks to the local community's astonishing appetite for our new style of dining. Our menu of local food based dishes and great atmosphere have allowed our restaurant to evolve into a new gem in the Kamloops, BC area. All wines offered in Terra Restaurant are sourced locally as well!

A Delicious Take on Dinner

People come from all over to experience our unique rotating menu that offers just the right amount of complexity while still maintaining familiar and local favourites for everyone to enjoy. The restaurant's concept promotes sustainable practices and local community support without sacrificing an imaginative dining experience that keeps people coming back for more.

David works closely with Thompson Culinary University, where he also teaches, to almost exclusively employ students and graduates.
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